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Chinese Papers

  • Xincao Xu, Kai Liu*, Chunhui Liu, Hao Jiang, Songtao Guo and Weiwei Wu, Potential Game Based Channel Allocation for Vehicular Edge Computing, Tien Tzu Hsueh Pao/Acta Electronica Sinica, volume 49, issue 5, pp.851-860, July 2021. [CCF T1]
  • Xincao Xu, Yi Zhou, Kai Liu, Chaocen Xiang, Yantao Li and Songtao Guo, Potenial Game based Distributed Channel Allocation in Vehicular Fog Computing Environments, 14th China Conference on Internet of Things (CWSN’20), Dunhuang, China, September 18-21, 2020. (Best Paper Candidate)